EKO Chlorella (200 g)

Chlorella ( Chlorella vulgaris ) is a blue-green algae, known to be one of the worlds most complete foods. It provides protein, carbohydrate and broad-spectrum vitamins, plus a wide range of minerals and enzymes.

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Termin przydatności do spożycia tej partii produktu 30.04.2022
Sugerowana cena sprzedaży detalicznej (w złotych brutto) 69
Stawka podatku VAT 8%
Certyfikat BIO / EKO Soil Association
Jednostka certyfikująca GB-ORG-05
Waga preparatu netto 200 g
Producent / Podmiot odpowiedzialny Rainforest Foods
Kod EAN produktu 5060213550407
Produkt dla wegan i wegetarian? Tak
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Chlorella is regarded increasingly as a highly useful general dietary supplement that provides broad support for a healthy diet. It is justifiably popular among people with active lifestyles. A significant component of Chlorella is the green pigment chlorophyll, which is high in magnesium. Chlorella is also rich in protein. This is a multi-tasking food that deserves a central place in everybodys diet. It does many jobs for many people, and it does them all well.

Suggested Use:
We recommend that you take one heaped teaspoon (3 grams), with water, once or twice a day. It should ideally be taken 30 minutes before meals. We also recommend that you take a reduced dose during the first week to minimise detoxification symptoms. Store your Chlorella Powder in a cool, dry place.

Organic Chlorella Powder.

Certified Organic by the Soil Association.